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Coming soon, early 44" high early extra carved rocking horse by Ayres.


Alice - Early J & G Lines ~ £1600

ALICE has had minimal restoration and is a very pretty little plain carved early 1900’s G & J Lines rocking horse in original condition and is 37 ½ inches (94 cm) high and her stand is 39 ½ (100 cm) long.

She has been lightly cleaned and a coat of protective shellac applied to her paint but nothing more. Most of her tack is original but her saddle and saddle flaps are very fragile and if they can’t be restored then Alice will be given exact replicas. Her mane and tail were very patchy so a little extra matching cow hair was added to make her look even more gorgeous.

She's  having her tack fitted and will be complete very soon.

 Alice Lines 2



Pip F. H. Ayres ~ £1100

A rare and unusual early 1900’s plain carved Ayres, (78 cm) 30 ¾ inches tall by (82 cm) 32 inches long (stand length). He is in good sturdy condition with original paint, metal rosettes and remnants of tack, mane and tail. Lightly cleaned, with a small amount of paint repair to legs and a shoulder but nothing more. Replacement silk for existing brass rosettes matched to the original colour. A small amount of hair was added to mane and tail as he did look so very bald! He has a no. 2 on his stand and he does have the tip of his toe missing, this makes no difference to his rock and as he would be to small to be ridden now he's older won't affect him at all. These tiny Ayres are hard to find in such fantastic original condition.

Pip 30 Ayres 9


   Joey War Horse Lines Bros ~ £1500 

 A beautiful restored and rare rocking horse standing 44 inches high, he is a Sportiboy model by Lines Bros circa 1930. This horse was over painted with brown gloss which was carefully removed to reveal his lovely original bay colouring. He has white socks and a white blaze down his face, the original paint is worn and has some damage but overall is in excellent condition. He arrived with a saddle usually seen on the tournament model Sportiboy horses but he has no evidence of the harness they would have had, his saddle does have some repairs to it. He also has red lining on the base of his stand and the bay colour is very beautifully shaded. He has a pelham bit and double reins in the style of the war horses along with a saddle cloth of hessian type fabric. Whether he was a one off or perhaps a different model that Lines Bros did I don't know. But I do think the warhorse style suits him.

Joey 12 



 D'Artagnon F. H. Ayres ~ £1300 Price Reduced

 A beautiful old Ayres rocking horse that had been in the same family for three generations over 90 years. 
The original paint was in very good order but the shellac had degraded, no longer protecting the paint  so new shellac was made to match the original colour. The old leather was regrettably beyond restoration and for the rocking horse to be ridden again it was necessary to replicate its old tack, using the original metal rosettes with new ribbon. Now ready to be ridden again he would make a fabulous horse for a child or equally would make a wonderful addition for a collector. Standing 45" high.


 DArtagnon 6







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