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Gina ~ Smith

Gina is a finely carved tiny rocking horse by Smith, very inusual in that she is so tiny at  xxx yet all in proportion giving the impression of a larger horse. Restored 2 years ago by us, she has a beautiful pelham bit, tan leather tack and real horse hair, in excellent condition she is now offered for sale.

Gina 4

 Mr. Darcey ~ F. H. Ayres 

A very handsome early Ayres rocking horse that had full restoration here 4 years ago, prior to that in an earlier restoration he had his stand replaced with a complete new one in pine. He is sturdy and ready to be ridden. Mr. Darcey  stands 49" tall and has real horse hair and real leather custom made tack, he will grace any house and would make a fantastic horse for a child. 

Darcey 1

 Blake ~ Lines Bros £850


A sturdy little 1920’s Lines Bros. SPORTIBOY restored and ready to go.

He is a SIZE 1 at 33 inches high in remarkably good near original condition with minimal paint repair to legs and eye lashes, He has a partially replaced mane, tail, and rosettes retaining what was left of his original, a replacement saddle blanket which copies exactly his original as it was beyond repair, replacement rains, stirrup leather and belly band which holds his original saddle safely in place. Sporti has three new coats of shellac protecting his paintwork as the original was too soot stained’

Cleaning him was a very slow process so as to conserve all his original dapples and paint work; he was very dirty and covered in sticky sooty deposits probably spending a lot of his life in his owners loft with perhaps a leaking chimney flu!

He had been with the same owner from new (about 1920's) but 10 years ago almost ended up in a skip. The elderly owners house had been boarded up for years and was being demolished but luckily the little horse was rescued by a neighbour who was intent on restoring him herself but was not able to find time so that’s how he came to be with me. However she did find a letter under his saddle written by the original owner to his parents in 1957. Little Sporti is looking  very smart once again and ready for his new home.

  Pheonix ~ F.H. Ayres £3800

 Pheonix 7

 Pheonix, this beautiful rocking horse is by F. H. Ayres he's an extra carved model circa 1910, he has been fully restored, with traditional dapples and a grey horse hair mane and tail. The tack is a gorgeous replica of real tack, in miniature. It's made from soft tan leather and has brass fittings and a fluffy white numnah. Pheonix is large he stands 52" high and this would be like having a real horse in your house, but with no mucking out! Any questions just ask and viewings welcome.


  Smith ~ J. R. Smith £1100

A very cute little Smith rocking horse, at 33" high he will make a lovely decorative piece. He was painted in gloss paint this was removed to reveal his wonderful original paint, this has has a small amount of restoration and a new shellac varnish and hes had a new horse hair mane and tail. Tack has been left off for now, but it can be added for a small extra charge.


Romeo ~ F.H. Ayres £1950

A stunning newly restored extra carved rocking horse by F. H. Ayres, circa 1900 standing 42" high he's plenty big enough to be ridden. His stand has very unusual posts, they are replacements but they certainly have some age to them, also the base has been replaced at some time too. His tack is beautiful, hand dyed and custom made just for him, his original saddle is retained under the seat. A silver grey mane and tail suits him perfectly.

Delivery can be arranged for £80 to most of mainland England please enquire.

 Romeo 1


  Mozart ~ F. H. Ayres £1400

A stunning newly restored extra carved rocking horse by F. H. Ayres, circa 1900 standing 33" high he'd be fantastic in a nursery or equally as part of a collection. His stand is all original, the paintwork authentically replicates his original dappling and he has an aged finish. The wavy silver grey mane and tail is horse hair. Mozart is untacked, but for extra cost leather tack could be added.

Delivery can be arranged for £80 to most of mainland England please enquire.

 Mozart 1


    Joey War Horse Lines Bros ~ £1000 

 A beautiful restored and rare rocking horse standing 44 inches high, he is a Sportiboy model by Lines Bros circa 1930. This horse was over painted with brown gloss which was carefully removed to reveal his lovely original bay colouring. He has white socks and a white blaze down his face, the original paint is worn and has some damage but overall is in excellent condition. He arrived with a saddle usually seen on the tournament model Sportiboy horses but he has no evidence of the harness they would have had, his saddle does have some repairs to it. He also has red lining on the base of his stand and the bay colour is very beautifully shaded. He has a pelham bit and double reins in the style of the war horses along with a saddle cloth of hessian type fabric. Whether he was a one off or perhaps a different model that Lines Bros did I don't know. But I do think the warhorse style suits him. 

Joey 12 



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