Our Collection

At Rocking Horses Rule we have a passion for rocking horses, not just restoring them but collecting as well. Below are some of our own collection in varying states of repair and restoration.

  • 'Ditzy Dot' has made a very long journey from Australia and we are excited to have her in our collection. In original and well loved condition around the same size as the little size 00 Sporti below, is she the only Roebuck Rocker Colt in the UK I wonder ?
ditsy dot  
  • The smallest is 'Tiddlywink' a gorgeous little Lines Brothers  size 00 Sportiboy on a bow with a round 'Triangtois' badge that dates him between 1920-1926, only 26" high he's too small for riding - more of a toy or display. He still has original paint work and is untouched apart from the addition of a new mane and tail.
  • 'Winnie' is a push horse by G & J Lines and dates from around 1916. She has had her base cleaned and waxed and had a coat of matt sealer to preserve what is left of her original paint and to stop the gesso flaking, then a new mane and tail. The hair is often the first thing to go as it gets brushed by enthusiastic children. As the hide gets older it gets brittle and hair loss occurs, but this can easily be replaced on most rocking horses.
  • 'Pippin' is a 39" high J. R. Smith these were made between 1881 and 1916. She is beautifully carved with a finely chiselled head. Unfortunately her stand was riddled with wood worm so had to be replaced, the hoof rails are original though. 
 Pippin close up  


  • 'Maximillion' A very large rocking horse believed to be Ayres, he will be restored later this year and will have to have repairs to his stand.
 1890 F. H. Ayres head  
  • 'Clown' a rare polychrome spotted bow, one of only 3 discovered he was over painted and removing this revealed that he is a very special horse indeed. Standing 41" high he is a lovely example.
Clown 001  


The 'Herd' in the workshop!


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